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There is a vibrant and growing community around SE. Links are provided her to some of the most popular. If you'd like to submit additions to this page, please use our Contact page to do so.


Social media

Street Epistemology Study Group - Group 1 of 4

Private Group: Restricted Access (open to some)
Study group only; no role-play or SE chatting.

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Learn Street Epistemology - Group 2 of 4

Private Group: Unrestricted Access (open to all)
Study group only, no role-play or SE chatting.

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Chat With a Street Epistemologist - Group 3 of 4

Private Group: Unrestricted Access (open to all)
Role-play or engage with someone using SE.

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Critique Street Epistemology - Group 4 of 4

Public Group: Unrestricted Access (open to all)
Critique for everyone, no role-play or SE chatting.

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Discord Server

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Record and Submit Your Own SE Videos

Record a video where you’re using Street Epistemology with someone and, if approved, we’ll handle everything else! It’s never been easier to share your SE chat with the world, and we’ll send you some wonderful gifts in return. Details here!

Popular SE People

Peter Boghossian

Reason, rationality, critical thinking, and Street Epistemology.
Author of "A Manual for Creating Atheists".
Creator of the Atheos mobile app.
Wikipedia | Twitter | YouTube

Anthony Magnabosco

Public speaker, activist, and popularizer of Street Epistemology.
YouTube | Facebook | Twitter | Website

Cordial Curiosity

Reid Nicewonder is an independent filmmaker seeking to promote critical thinking and skepticism through entertainment. He conducts in-person interviews at various public parks around Los Angeles.
YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Let's Chat

Hi! I'm Dr. Tyrone Wells and I'm working on a friendly way to talk to anyone about anything!

YouTube | Twitter

Doug (PineCreek)

Doug (PineCreek) conducts interviews with theists on why they believe. As a former fundamentalist of 30+ years, he enjoys interviewing those who are very "closed", including pastors, apologists, presuppositionalists, etc.
YouTube | Twitter

Deep Discussions

I use an approach called Street Epistemology to engage in meaningful, civil, and productive conversations about deeply held beliefs

YouTube | Facebook

Open Inquiry

Street Epistemologist and Lover of Rationality This is a space in which I hope to share all video and audio content of my conversations with believers. I have aspirations of beginning an official podcast and blog. Thanks for watching.

YouTube | Twitter

Socrates Jones

Street Epistemology, Atheism, Humanism, being less Dogmatic, caring for fellow man. Follow on YouTube - Socrates Jones
YouTube | Twitter

Street epistemology in France, focusing on the methods we use to distinguish between what is true and what is false. Subtitles in English available.
Website | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | Diaspora

Violet Epistemology

A reflective free thinker evaluating epistemology. Won't you join me?
YouTube | Twitter

David Hancock's Tracks

Hi, I'm David. I live in London and enjoy practising Street Epistemology with religious believers in public spaces. With each conversation (intervention) I am seeking to encourage the interlocutor to become more reflective and less assertive about what they believe.

All blog posts represent the views of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the Street Epistemology community at large or the publishers of this website.

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