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The following is a list of current and past projects related to Street Epistemology. If you are interested in learning more, please email us at




Record and Submit Your Own SE Videos

Status: In progress

Record a video where you’re using Street Epistemology with someone and, if approved, we’ll handle everything else! It’s never been easier to share your SE chat with the world, and we’ll send you some wonderful gifts in return. Details here!


Street Epistemology Children's Activity Workbook

Status: In Progress

It's never too early to teach critical thinking and Socratic questioning to kids. And soon we will have a fun activity workbook with professional illustrations to introduce basic Street Epistemology to children and young adults in a fun way!

For more information contact


Encourage Research in Street Epistemology

Status: In Progress

SE appears to be effective. However, in order to move beyond qualitative findings, we need to encourage researchers to study Street Epistemology from a variety of angles. This effort intends to inspire and support as necessary people interested in researching SE.


After-Care Solutions

Status: In Progress

What happens after a person meets with someone using Street Epistemology? Where can they turn? What resources are available for a doubting believer? We're building solutions and partnerships to make sure we have a solid answer to these questions.



Status: In Progress

This project attempts to make an automated system that performs Street Epistemology. The system takes the role of the interviewer (SE) and the user of the system is the interlocutor (IL). The short-term goal is a proof-of-concept that can explore whether or not it is possible/practical to map out conversations in terms of the types of socratic questions asked, and the types of answers typically given to them and what is then the most productive "next" socratic question to subsequently ask. The long term goal is to hopefully use what we learn in a more sophisticated system that can actually parse written or spoken language and then choose or construct written or machine-spoken responses. Current working prototype can be found by clicking here:

Anyone interested in collaborating on this project is encouraged to contact us at

SSA Outreach Project

Identify, contact, and teach a representative at every SSA club across the continental United States about Street Epistemology and have them give a presentation on the subject to their local group by the end of 2018.




Street Epistemology Logo Reboot

Status: Completed

The SE community has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years.  With many groups and site devoted to SE, it's become clear that a well designed logo/design to tie them all together is in order.  To that end, a small team has started work on giving all of these communities a common look.


The Street Epistemology Website

Status: Completed (Yet On-Going)

Migrated the SE Website from WordPress to a custom architecture that allows for member account creation, ability to join/leave the List of 10,000, and improved security.


The Street Epistemology Guide

Status: Completed (Yet On-Going)

This field guide was created by a team of people who have read AMFCA and are experienced in conducting SE conversations. It is the perfect resource for anyone who is interested in learning how to perform SE in a variety of venues.


The Street Epistemology Blog

Status: Completed (Yet On-Going)

Added search-engine crawlable blog to showcase member posts. Includes an author-narrated audio version and member commenting.

Note: Learn more about the blog submission process here.


SE Transcribe

Status: Completed (Yet On-Going)

A team is transcribing SE videos in order to not only build a repository of text that can be used to help a PhD linguistics researcher studying the method, make the videos more search engine friendly, allow others to read rather than watch the encounter, and perhaps form the foundation of a possible chatbot, but to standardize the transcription process so additional volunteers can help widen the data set in a more efficient manner.

Visit the transcripts page.

All blog posts represent the views of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the Street Epistemology community at large or the publishers of this website.

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