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The List of 10,000

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The List of 10,000 refers to Peter Boghossian's call to have 10,000 people committed to helping others lead more reflective lives with less reliance on unreliable epistemology.

Important considerations here.

What Does it Take to Join The List of 10,000?

For the answer to this question, I emailed Dr. Boghossian for his thoughts. After all, this is his List!

"What qualifies one to be a member of the 10,000? Well, there are no rigorous criteria. There are no membership dues. No place we congregate. No tests we take. You just need to be committed. Committed to helping people lead more reflective lives. Committed both to listening and to speaking up when you hear under-evidenced views that do not align with reality. But also committed to changing your mind if they do align with reality. So commitment is vital. That doesn’t mean every single interaction, but it does mean it’s something in which one is actively engaged. And one MUST be committed to not taking money if they help someone break through dogmatism. So those are the qualities we need to turn the tide on irrationality."

— Dr. Peter Boghossian, via email on Sun, Jul 10, 2016 at 11:07 PM

Coming and Going

As a member of this site, you can easily add or remove yourself from the List of 10,000 as necessary. Please note, however, that your place in the queue (also known as your Join List Date) will be reset. And because we understand that some people require anonymity, you have a great deal of control as to how your name and location appears on the List.

Help Spread the Word

Please help us reach Boghossian's goal of 10,000 people by sharing his book, a video, a podcast, or a story where someone used Street Epistemology with your friends, family, and colleagues.

If you have any questions or thoughts about the List of 10,000, please comment on this post below!

Some History

One of the main goals stated in Dr. Peter Boghossian's book was to educate and inspire enough people to regularly use the method of Street Epistemology so that our efforts would start to have a noticeable, beneficial impact on humanity.

When I read his book 2013, I was intrigued by Boghossian's bold call for 10,000 people to help humanity become more reasonable and rational. And I immediately wanted to be a part of it.

A little googling back then brought me to this very website, where an enterprising man named Leif Cid, completely on his own initiative, was compiling the names of people who emailed him and asked to join. As interest in Street Epistemology increased over the months and years, the number of people asking to join the List of 10,000 also grew, outpacing our ability to keep the site current.

While the majority of our discussions about technique and strategy regarding SE take place on the Private Street Epistemology Facebook Group, there was no good way of keeping tracking of people who wanted to join the List, so a small team of volunteers worked to update the functionality of this website to not only offer a portal to all things SE, but to create a more scalable meeting place, including the ability for members to add (and remove) themselves from the List.

While embarking on the re-design, the team realized that it would be nice to not only give people the ability to specify how their name and location appear on the List, but to include some demographics (e.g., city, state, country, belief type, etc.). While this website and its content are not in any way controlled by Boghossian, we do have his support behind managing the List of 10,000. In other words, this is the Official List.

Respecting the Early Adopters

As much as we wanted to build up The List of 10,000 in the same order as people requested to join it, the task proved too difficult due to distributed record-keeping. However, we did manage to re-invite those people who emailed us to create a new account on the website and consider joining the List, starting from 2013 to current date. We thank you for your understanding in the event you were not accurately transferred over to this List.

Author: Anthony Magnabosco

All blog posts represent the views of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the Street Epistemology community at large or the publishers of this website.

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