Street Epistemology

What is Street Epistemology?

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Now that's a great question!

While there are a variety of definitions for Street Epistemology (SE), here are a few that seem appropriate:

  1. Street Epistemology is the application of epistemology (the study of knowledge) outside of formal academic contexts.
  2. Street Epistemology is a fun and effective way to talk to people about what's really true.
  3. Street Epistemology is a conversational tool that helps people reflect on the reliability of the methods used to arrive at their deeply-held beliefs.
  4. Street Epistemology is the process of identifying, understanding, and challenging belief claims by asking questions.
Street Epistemology is dialectically-based, grounded in the Socratic method, and enhanced by recent evidence-based advances from a wide spectrum of disciplines, such as motivational interviewing, applied philosophy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

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The List of 10,000 — ↂ

We are enlisting ten thousand people — Street Epistemologists — who have voluntarily committed to actively engaging others with Street Epistemology.

You can join the 10,000 by first registering an account on this site and then indicating your desire to be a member in the account settings.

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